MUST TRY LIST: Summer menu at Tirpse, K11 MUSEA


16th July 2021 – (Hong Kong) TIRPSE, which is “esprit”, the French word for spirit, spelled backwards, first gained fame as the fastest restaurant to be awarded a Michelin star within two months of opening in 2015. TIRPSE was also named as one of Diners Club World Best 50 Restaurants in 2017.  The brand owner, Mr. Ohashi Naotaka, has worked for Hiramatsu Restaurant in Japan, Cordeillan-Bages in France and the Michelin Three-starred Quintessence in Tokyo before opening TIRPSE in K11 MUSEA.

Chef Shimizu Yuta continues to lead their team to Hong Kong too cook amazing dishes, and serve with Japanese sake and carefully selected wines, whiskies from other regions, bringing a pleasant dining experience for all diners.

It is not known to many that Tirpse at K11 MUSEA boasts a spectacular view of the Victoria Harbour and it is recommended that diners go earlier at 6pm to have a round of cocktails at its spacious balcony while enjoying sunset before having their dinner. Tirpse is one of the very few restaurants in Hong Kong that has a private room where diners can savour their meals while wallowing in the panoramic Victoria Harbour view.

It is recommended that diners go earlier at 6pm to have a round of cocktails at its spacious balcony while enjoying sunset before having their dinner.

The Tirpse launched its new Hong Kong summer menu on 22nd June, 2021 and includes two lunch options, the select menu or the executive lunch, with three or four dishes respectively. Included in the meal are amuse bouche as well as coffee and tea. The executive lunch also includes hand-crafted petit four to finish the meal.  Prices for the lunch menu start at HK$598. The dinner menu is consisted of six inspired courses. Tirpse’s summer dinner menu starts at HK$1488 per person.

 The summer menu includes fresh local produce and top-quality ingredients from around the world including a rare French breed of pork and a mild, creamy French cheese widely considered to be amongst the best in the world, as well as expertly raised wagyu and fresh-caught seafood. The menu’s ingredients are designed to work in concert with each other to deliver a balanced and luxurious dining experience. 

 A supplemental charge entitles diners to free-flowing Michel Arnould champagne. Wine pairings selected by Tirpse’s expert sommelier are available with both the lunch and dinner menus. 

Executive Lunch menu includes Green asparagus, burrata, hamaguri starter, choice of hairtail, smoked butter and mirin or platinum pork, corn and parsley or  Squab Sansho and yuzu main and Blueberry, lavender and violet dessert.

Amuse Bouche served during dinner.

For the highly recommended dinner and weekend set menu, diners can enjoy the followings:

Beetroot, crab, hazelnut starter 

This dish hides a delicious secret. Wrapped within thin ribbons of beetroot lies a sweet and savoury mixture of crab meat, shallots, apple mayonnaise and fresh tarragon. The deep red of the beetroot is complemented by plump red cherries and a dollop of enjoyably salty caviar crunchy almonds which add a pleasant texture. 

Beetroot, crab, hazelnut starter 

Lobster, summer onion and vanilla second course 

Normally associated with dessert, fragrant vanilla is paired with the delicate sweetness of Brittany lobster. The addition of summer onion tempers the sweetness of the dish, while the brine flavours and acidity from green olives, tomatoes and finger limes enhance the seafood. The dish is garnished with a parmesan chip, red mustard and chrysanthemum flower. 

Lobster, summer onion and vanilla second course 
Hairtail, smoked butter and mirin third course


Le Noir de bigorre, corn and parsley main 

France’s oldest and most fabled breed of pig. This luxury product is sourced from Bigorre, France where only 60 producers raise the prized breed. The delicately raised pigs feature well-marbled meat, which is high in oleic acid, a fat also found in olive oil. This exceedingly rare pork’s sweet notes are enhanced when paired with sweet corn. The fresh, green flavour of parsley acts as a palate cleanser to the rich meat. 


Kagoshima wagyu sirloin, sansho. yuzu (supplemental charge) 

High-quality Wagyu beef from Kagoshima, Japan is known for its intense marbling. When paired with the clean citrus notes of yuzu, mint-infused oil and Ishikawa cucumber, the palate is fully able to enjoy the flavour of the wagyu, without the overpowering richness of the meat. The citrusy heat of the sansho pepper seasons the dish. 

Main course with 2 options.

Apricot, rosemary and Brillat Savarin dessert 

In the classic European manner, Chef Rin has added a cheese component to the dessert course. Brillat Savarin, a soft, luxurious cheese boasts creamy and buttery flavour which pairs well with dark chocolate and almond praline. An apricot cream, gelee and fresh apricot bring in a light fruit component to the dish. The dish is beautifully plated with elegant contours and bright, summery colours.

Diners should also save their stomach to try its signature “CLOUD”, a Damask Rose Petal, Lychee, Raspberry Jello Cake. This sublime Cloud cake is as magnificent in its appearance as it is delicious with its variegated shades of pink and red covering lush raspberries, fresh lychee and lychee syrup just waiting for your discovery inside.

“CLOUD”, a Damask Rose Petal, Lychee, Raspberry Jello Cake

Value for money : 4/5
Taste : 4.5/5
Ambience : 5/5
Service : 5/5

Location: 219, 2F, K11 MUSEA

Opening Hours:

11.30am – 10.30pm

Tel: +852- 2333 0031