MUST TRY LIST – Delicious signature chicken and mushroom claypot rice served in 30cm wooden dish at HK$98 at Tsui Woo Seafood Restaurant


27th June 2019 – (Hong Kong) Most English media in Hong Kong shuns local eateries as they are only interested in fancy new restaurants. On the other hand, we love to introduce our readers to delicious local food at ridiculously low price. One of the gems we recently discovered is Tsui Woo Seafood Restaurant which is found at two locations namely in Tin Hau and Kennedy Town. We recommend diners to visit their new outlet in Kennedy Town as there is a special dinner menu promotion in conjunction with their recent opening.

Don’t be put off by the interior of the restaurant which resembles the typical banquet hall-style Chinese eatery as the standard of food served surpasses most similar local restaurants but at a fraction of their prices.

In the special menu, you can order soya sauce steamed prawns for HK$68, razor clams at HK$23.80, sweet and sour Iberico pork at HK$39.80 and ginger chicken (Half chicken) at HK$48. The special offers are available from 6pm to 9pm daily until further notice.

We ordered their signature assorted mushrooms with chicken baked rice (HK$98) which was served in a 30cm diameter round wooden dish. We were shocked by the massive portion as it could definitely feed 4 people. The chicken was braised in a special sauce and served together with a generous portion of mixed vegetables and mushrooms. In most local eateries, baked rice is typically served in smaller claypot dishes at similar or higher price. In addition to the chicken baked rice, you can also try other versions cooked with fish, pork ribs or Chinese Sausage.

The bill came to HK$317 as we ordered 4 dishes which included Taro and pumpkin in coconut sauce (HK$78) (Highly recommended), the signature assorted mushrooms and chicken baked rice (HK$98), half ginger chicken (HK$48) and sweet and sour Iberico pork (HK39.8). The portions were enough for 4-5 people. If there are just two of you, we recommend you to order just the baked rice and one more dish. The bill will come under HK$200.

If you have a little budget, you can order their 4kg Alaskan crab for only HK$1,388 each. Customers are advised to call one day in advance to book.

Our verdict:

Value for money : 4.5/5

Taste : 4/5

Ambience : 3/5

Service : 3/5

Tsui Woo Seafood Restaurant

61, Catchick Street, Kennedy Town,

Tel : 2583 9818