Murder at Plaza Hollywood, influencer Joseph Lam fired for insensitive behaviour by Prudential Insurance

    Joseph Lam

    4th June 2023 – (Hong Kong) The entire city of Hong Kong was shocked and saddened by a recent murder at the Plaza Hollywood on Friday. Two women were stabbed to death by a 39-year-old man they did not know, leaving the public in a state of shock and mourning. However, the tragedy was further compounded by the insensitive behaviour of social media influencer Joseph Lam, who immediately posted for sale a pair of sneakers similar to those worn by the suspect, drawing criticism from netizens.

    Although Lam deleted the post soon afterward, the damage had been done. This morning, his employer, Prudential Insurance, criticised his inappropriate behaviour and comments, which they claimed were contrary to the company’s values. Lam’s girlfriend, Wada Hiromi, stated that she did not know the details of the situation, as she had just woken up. She did note, however, that Lam had been on the phone early in the morning and had been speaking for a long time. When asked if she felt that Lam’s comments were too extreme, she agreed that his behaviour was often erratic. She also noted that netizens had turned their anger towards her, which she found unfair.

    Wada Hiromi, who now runs a jewellery business, is often praised by Lam for earning a lot of money and being able to support him. However, she stated that while she could support him financially, she would rather take care of a child than a grown man. She also stated that she would not console Lam, but would remain by his side and support him. She added that Lam knew what he was doing and that he was very clear about his actions. Despite her attempts to persuade him to behave differently, Lam continued to act in his own way.

    Rumours have circulated that Lam may be seeking employment with another insurance company, but Wada Hiromi stated that she was not aware of any such plans.