Multiple wildfires ravage Tuen Mun district, leaving residential estates covered in ash


27th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) Tuen Mun district in Hong Kong was hit by a series of relentless wildfires, resulting in a widespread dispersion of ashes across the area. The fires, which started around 10am this morning, occurred consecutively in various locations, including Kwong Shan Tsuen, a village opposite Fu Tai Estate, and the vicinity of Pineapple Mountain.

Efforts were swiftly mobilised to combat the wildfires, with the fires near Fu Tai Estate successfully extinguished. However, the blaze at Pineapple Mountain persisted for a gruelling four hours, finally ceasing at approximately 6om. The fire had engulfed an extensive stretch, with the fire line stretching up to 1 kilometre at its peak.