Multiple operating rooms at Tuen Mun Hospital experience leakage in fire sprinkler metal piping


1st March 2024 – (Hong Kong) A series of incidents involving leakage in the fire sprinkler metal piping has been discovered in two operating rooms in Tuen Mun Hospital. The incidents occurred on the 18th and 22nd of this month, affecting a surgical room on the 9th floor of the expansion building and another room on the 6th floor that has yet to be put into service. Prompt action was taken by the hospital’s engineering personnel, who promptly identified and repaired small holes found in the metal piping. To investigate the cause of these incidents, the Hospital Authority has engaged independent experts.

A spokesperson emphasised the utmost importance given to these occurrences and informed that the hospital has arranged for its engineering staff to inspect similar metal piping in the remaining operating rooms within the same building. During this inspection, two other rooms that have not yet been put into service were found to have similar small holes in the metal piping. It is worth noting that the surgical room expansion building at the hospital comprises a total of 22 operating rooms, with no comparable issues detected in the other rooms. The most recent annual inspection of the fire system was completed in December of the previous year, and no abnormalities were reported at that time.

Upon receiving the report from the hospital regarding these incidents, the Hospital Authority’s headquarters immediately commissioned independent experts to reexamine the metal piping in question. Preliminary examinations conducted by the independent experts revealed that the small holes appeared at the welding points in the metal piping during the manufacturing process. The investigation is now focused on determining if the same issue is present in the rest of the batch of metal piping. A formal report will be submitted at a later stage.