Multiple Miss Hong Kong 2024 contestants withdraw as contract details reveal stringent terms, including no pay and strict prohibitions


    4th July 2024 – (Hong Kong) Multiple contestants participating in the Miss Hong Kong 2024 pageant have withdrawn from the competition following the conclusion of the second round of interviews. It has been reported that these withdrawals were prompted by the intimidating terms of the contracts presented to the contestants. Six candidates, including several popular frontrunners, made the difficult decision to withdraw from the competition, leaving many in disbelief.

    Among the candidates who withdrew is 24-year-old Crystal, an accomplished Latin dancer who has been performing for 16 years and has even won a gold medal in a previous competition. Caroline, a 26-year-old resident of Xiamen who has been living in Hong Kong for seven years and is on the verge of obtaining permanent residency, also chose to withdraw. Another candidate, Jackie, hailing from Macao, is a sociology student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and has over a decade of experience in Chinese dance.

    The contestants who withdrew cited the contract details provided by TVB, the broadcasting company behind the Miss Hong Kong pageant, as the primary reason for their decision. Some of the contestants expressed that the contract conditions were excessively stringent, with one even stating, “I dare not sign the contract” and “I really can’t agree with it.” It is well-known that TVB’s Miss Hong Kong contracts have been criticized for their demanding terms in previous years. Contestants who have contracts with other companies are required to negotiate their release during the second round of interviews before they can officially sign a contract with TVB. Another strict requirement is that participants must sign a one-year contract, referred to as a “beauty pageant contract,” and if they fail to win, they must then sign with the company after receiving TVB’s approval. Moreover, during the contract period, contestants are prohibited from engaging in any other entertainment-related activities, including endorsements and live-streaming sales. Notably, the contestants receive no compensation during this period and only sign artist contracts with TVB if they are successful in winning the title.