Multiple bank accounts in Shenzhen frozen due to possible fraudulent activities


12th August 2022 – (Shenzhen) Recently, a number of netizens complained that they failed to transfer funds using WeChat Pay, Alipay and Bank of China debit cards in Guangdong and Shenzhen area. Their accounts were also frozen, which caused widespread concern.

Local media also reported that the Bank of China implemented such measures to collaborate with the public security department to crack down on crimes. Meanwhile, hotlines of several branches of Bank of China in Shenzhen were set to automatic reply, informing customers that if they encountered abnormal use of bank cards recently, they could go to the bank’s business outlets or log in to the its online application to check.

It was reported that the drastic measure was aimed at cracking down on illegally opening and selling of mobile phone cards and bank cards. The bank will check each account and freeze the bank card if it identifies suspected fraudulent activities.