Multi-vehicle collision on Tuen Mun Road leaves 14 injured, including bus driver and passengers

File photo.

24th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) In the early hours of today, a traffic accident occurred on Tuen Mun Road, resulting in a collision between a Citybus, a street cleaning vehicle, and a traffic road arrow sign vehicle. The incident took place around 3am near the Sham Tseng area as the Citybus, operating on route N962 and carrying passengers, was heading towards Tuen Mun.

A large number of rescue personnel promptly responded to the call and successfully rescued the trapped a traffic road arrow sign vehicle driver. Unfortunately, several individuals sustained injuries in the accident, including a 60-year-old Pakistani driver of the street cleaning vehicle, a 63-year-old male driver of the traffic road arrow sign vehicle driver named Caen, a 39-year-old female driver of the double-decker bus named Chan, and four male and three female passengers (ranging from 22 to 67 years old) on the bus. They were transported by multiple ambulances to Yan Chai Hospital and Tuen Mun Hospital for treatment. Fortunately, their injuries were not severe. Additionally, four passengers with minor injuries received on-site treatment and did not require hospitalisation. Law enforcement officials are currently investigating the sequence of events and the cause of the accident. The incident resulted in temporary traffic congestion at the scene.