MTR Tuen Mun Station surprises commuters with illusory marmot faces on platform


2nd December 2023 – (Hong Kong) Commuters waiting at the MTR Tuen Mun Station were delighted to discover multiple adorable illusory marmot faces along the platform, which appeared under the reflection of the station’s lights. Netizens praised the optical illusion, noting that the images resembled not only marmots but also rabbits and squirrels.

The original poster shared two photos on a local Facebook page with the caption “Something caught my eye while waiting for the light rail.” Netizens quickly identified the location as Tuen Mun Station and commented on the abundance of marmots and squirrels, remarking how they seemed to be “staring directly at you” and “making surprised faces at you.”

Some individuals humorously suggested that these illusions were actually part of the station’s surveillance system. Additionally, another discovery was made by netizens near the platform, who noticed an abundance of cartoon characters on the base of the crash-resistant columns.

In response, MTR Corporation explained that the structures resembling marmot faces are actually infrastructure components of the light rail platform and serve no specific purpose.

Regarding the illusion of cartoon characters on the crash-resistant columns, the MTR Corporation clarified that these installations were put in place as a safety measure to prevent passengers from approaching the gap between the light rail and the platform. They are composed of crash-resistant columns and ensure the safety and stability of passengers.

Marmots are large ground squirrels belonging to the genus Marmota, with 15 species found in Asia, Europe, and North America. These herbivorous animals are active during the summer months, often living in groups, but hibernate underground during the winter season.