MTR train services from Tiu Keng Leng station to Kwun Tong Station suspended due to fire at Yau Tong Station (Updated: 2.40pm)


22nd January 2022 – (Hong Kong) At 1.15pm this afternoon (22nd), the MTR announced that the train service from Tiu Keng Leng to Kwun Tong Station was suspended due to equipment failure of the platform door at Yau Tong Station on the Kwun Tong Line. The service from Kwun Tong to Whampoa Station will be maintained every 4 minutes. Yau Tong Station was closed.

The MTR is now arranging shuttle buses from Kwun Tong to Yau Tong Station, and urged passengers to allow sufficient time for their journeys. It is understood that there is a fire and smoke from the platform screen doors at Yau Tong Station, and the staff and a large number of passengers in the station had to be evacuated.

At 2.25pm, MTR announced that Yau Tong Station was re-opened.