MTR to decide if train service can be restored on Sunday morning, certain stations i.e. Kwun Tong may need longer repair time

Kwun Tong MTR Station

6th October 2019 – (Hong Kong) After the government announced the anti-mask law on 4th October, protesters took to the streets to vent their anger over the draconian legislation resulting in many shops, banks, restaurants and MTR Stations being vandalised. Apart from airport express and MTR buses which resumed services yesterday afternoon, all other MTR train services and light rail train services remain suspended.

MTR expressed that they are still assessing the damages to determine if services can be resumed early morning on Sunday. MTR pointed out that there were several stations which were severely destroyed in particular, Kwun Tong Station. A longer period is therefore needed to repair the station.

MTR further said that police need to gather evidence before they can restore the stations.

According to sources, many train drivers had been conducting trial runs to ensure the railway tracks were not affected yesterday morning. Just before MTR decided to restore all train services at 2.30pm yesterday, a sudden instruction was given not to resume train service for unidentified reasons. The final decision-making apparently lies with the Government after taking into account public safety.

Kwun Tong MTR Station.
Mong Kok MTR Station.
Mong Kok MTR Station.