MTR restores normal service on East Rail Line after overnight repairs at Sheung Shui Station


25th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Engineering teams from MTR Corporation successfully completed the replacement and calibration of a critical track component at Sheung Shui Station, leading to the resumption of regular train services on the East Rail Line this morning. The component, a track switch directing trains towards Lo Wu and Lok Ma Chau, was replaced during non-operational hours on 24th April but initially faced calibration issues that disrupted smooth operations.

The MTR Corp had to adjust train schedules during peak hours yesterday morning and evening to accommodate the unexpected hiccup, which could have led to significant delays in one of the city’s busiest commuter lines. However, diligent overnight work by the engineering staff ensured that the component was fully operational by the early hours of April 25, allowing services to return to normal schedules ahead of the morning rush.