Male passenger caught urinating in public inside MTR train compartment


25th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) A male passenger was captured on video urinating in the middle of the MTR train compartment. The footage, uploaded by a netizen, lasted for 1 minute and 16 seconds and revealed the man’s brazen act. Clad in a grey shirt, dark blue jeans, and carrying a backpack, the individual relieved himself without any regard for his surroundings. The incident took place on a train bound for Central, where the man positioned himself near the handrail in the middle of the compartment. With his left hand gripping the handrail tightly, he unzipped his pants with his right hand and proceeded to urinate. As the train accelerated to depart from the station, the man’s body swayed, and a stream of urine sprayed onto the floor. Once finished, he appeared to be cautious not to step on the urine and quickly moved aside to adjust his pants. The video concluded, capturing the disturbing scene.

During the incident, there was a male passenger standing in front of the man with the backpack, and two female passengers were seated behind him. It seemed that the two male and female passengers were engrossed in using their mobile phones and seemingly oblivious to the man’s repulsive behaviour. The video did not provide the exact date of the incident, but it is worth noting that the man’s actions could potentially violate the Hong Kong MTR Bylaws. Netizens expressed their outrage in the comments, criticizing the man for his lack of decency, unhygienic behaviour, and the distress he caused to other passengers on the train. Many suggested that if the man was in urgent need of urination, he could have disembarked and sought assistance from the station staff instead of resorting to public urination.