MTR Kai Tak Station faces severe water leakage, passengers forced to wade through flooded platforms


22nd June 2024 – (Hong Kong) Multiple videos circulating on social media captured the alarming scenes of extensive water leakage at MTR Kai Tak Station. The footage reveals water gushing from a wall marked with firefighting equipment signage, causing flooding that extends to the vicinity of the ticket gates. Despite efforts by staff to contain the situation with green sandbags, passengers had to navigate through the waterlogged areas. The station authorities issued warnings of slippery floors via announcements. The videos also depict water cascading down stairs towards the platforms, with the platform ceilings visibly leaking and large pools of water forming, resembling a water ballet. To prevent passenger access, orange tape has been used to cordon off the affected areas.

In response to inquiries, MTR Corporation stated that at approximately 10.12pm on 21st June, station staff at MTR Kai Tak Station discovered water spraying from a fire hose reel near Exit A in the main lobby. Immediate measures were taken to seal off the affected areas in the lobby and on the platforms. Maintenance personnel promptly addressed the issue by shutting off the water supply and affected nearby ticket gates, successfully ceasing the leakage. Preliminary investigations suggest a problem with the hose reel, and MTR Corporation is closely monitoring the situation while arranging appropriate repairs. Throughout the incident, station personnel were deployed to guide passengers, and overall orderliness was maintained, with no disruption to train services.