MTR employee at Yuen Long Station maintains composure amid verbal abuse in viral video


11th July 2024 – (Hong Kong) In a recently circulated video on social media, two men were captured relentlessly berating an MTR employee at Yuen Long Station on the Tuen Ma Line. The footage shows the men hurling profanities and gestures, questioning the employee by saying, “Are you not frustrated? You’re incredibly foolish!” Despite the provocation, the MTR employee remained calm and composed, attentively listening and responding to the verbal assault until the two men eventually left.

The video quickly sparked a heated discussion among netizens. Some praised the employee for his composed behaviour, commending him with comments such as “Well done” and “Impressive handling.” Others, however, expressed indifference, stating that such incidents were not uncommon and suggesting that the matter should be reported to the authorities.

The video was initially shared on Wednesday by a Hong Kong resident on the Facebook group “Yuen Long Chui Sui District.” The individual questioned the motive behind the altercation, captioning the post, “Does anyone know what happened? What’s going on here?”

The 52-second video captured the two men at Yuen Long Station verbally berating the male MTR employee. They surrounded him, using profanities and aggressively confronting him. One man, wearing a grey shirt, shouted angrily, “It’s not that we’re not frustrated! We want to leave, but you won’t let us! Are you not frustrated?”

After the employee nodded in response, the man waved his hand in the distance and exclaimed, “Come back! We can sit now! We can sit wherever we want!” He then gestured with his middle finger towards the employee, saying, “You said I couldn’t sit earlier, but now you’re telling me to sit. How am I supposed to sit now?”

The man further attempted to intimidate the employee through exaggerated body movements. However, the employee remained composed and unaffected by the provocation. Eventually, the two men turned and walked away, but not without expressing their lingering discontent, saying, “You’re incredibly foolish!”

The video generated extensive discussions among netizens, with many praising the employee for his calm demeanour. Comments such as “Well done” and “Impressive handling” highlighted the appreciation for his composed response. Some individuals, accustomed to such incidents, questioned whether the men were intoxicated and suggested reporting the incident to the authorities.