MTR Corp expresses a lack of spare parts to replace damaged amenities, services affected as a result


4th October 2019 – (Hong Kong) MTR Corp held a media conference today to address the damages caused by protesters to 83 MTR stations and 42 MTR Light Rail stations. MTR Corp is concerned that there are no more spare parts left to replace many of the defective amenities and hence, service is further affected.

MTR pointed out that many exits were set fire and destructed by petrol bombs in the protests. At least 800 gates, 500 ticketing machines, 400 Octopus readers at Light Rail Station and 700 CCTVs were damaged. Engineers had to use parts from unaffected MTR stations to carry out repair works.

MTR Corp further pointed that they decided to close many high-risk stations during the recent protest after discussing with government and evaluating the potential threats. MTR Corp emphasised that they will always prioritise passengers when offering their service.