MTR announces free high-speed rail tickets in exclusive giveaway

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10th June 2024 – (Hong Kong) Mass Transit Railway (MTR) has unveiled a remarkable initiative to provide free high-speed rail tickets to lucky passengers. Commencing tomorrow, the MTR will kick off the first round of this exclusive offer, allowing citizens to experience the convenience and comfort of the high-speed rail service.

Under this extraordinary campaign, the MTR plans to distribute a total of 150 sets of complimentary round-trip tickets for two people over the course of three weeks. Each week, starting on Tuesdays, the MTR Mobile app will become the gateway for eager participants to seize their chance at securing a coveted ticket. With 50 sets of free high-speed rail tickets up for grabs per round, this promotion is sure to capture the attention of Hong Kong residents.

To participate in the ticket giveaway, interested individuals are required to register as MTR Mobile users and engage in the promotional activity within the app. The first round of ticket allocation will commence precisely at noon tomorrow, with 25 sets of tickets available for both the Hong Kong to Beijing and Hong Kong to Shanghai routes. Winners will be required to present their valid identification documents, such as a return permit or relevant ID, in person at the designated counter in the Hong Kong West Kowloon Station.

Upon successful verification, winners will have the privilege of exchanging their electronic vouchers for the free high-speed rail tickets. It is essential for users to promptly scan the QR codes provided by the MTR staff during the redemption process. It is worth noting that the awarded tickets must be redeemed as a round-trip for the same passenger and cannot be rescheduled or refunded.

The eligible train schedules for the complimentary tickets include D910 from Hong Kong West Kowloon to Beijing West (departing at 18:24 and arriving at 6:53 the following day), D909 from Beijing West to Hong Kong West Kowloon (departing at 20:13 and arriving at 8:47 the next day), D908 from Hong Kong West Kowloon to Shanghai Hongqiao (departing at 19:49 and arriving at 6:45 the following day), and D907 from Shanghai Hongqiao to Hong Kong West Kowloon (departing at 20:15 and arriving at 7:29 the next day). Participants are advised to carefully review the terms and conditions provided by the MTR for this promotion.