Mr. Ming’s Chinese Chiu Chow Dining re-welcomes diners at K11 MUSEA

Pan-Fried Chinese Chive Dumplings

9th July 2020 – (Hong Kong) Recently reconceptualized at the trendy K11 MUSEA, Mr.Ming’s Chinese Dining is set to become the hottest destination for refined Chiu Chow and Cantonese food. As a joint venture between Ming Fat House (Foxglove, Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour, Frank’s Library) and Pak Loh Chiu Chow Restaurant by BUICK Management, Mr. Ming’s offers a fresh take on traditional Chinese recipes with no artificial ingredients or preservatives added, featuring a mouthwatering selection of Chiu Chow marinated, special Shantou, poultry, seafood and dim sum dishes.

The menu is spearheaded by one of the most respected Chinese cuisine chefs locally and regionally, Executive Chef Hui Mei Tak, who was crowned one of the ten best chefs in China. Starting his apprenticeship at just 16 years and having spent 8 years solidifying his culinary foundation as a chef, Chef Hui has over 30 years of experience and also owns a ChiuChow restaurant back in his hometown. His passion for quality ingredients and rich food culture enables him to honour traditional Chinese cooking with creativity at Mr.Ming’s.

Inspired by vacation cabins in the 70s and designed in contemporary shades of honey-toned wood and a mix of mineral and emerald green wallpaper, the dining room creates a warm background for colourful seating inspired by retro car seats and coin wrappers with a custom rattan wall sconce and plant to radiate a garden ambience to the dining space.

Spread over two storeys, Mr.Ming’s warmly invites you into the home of its eponymous owner: an avid fan of the Chinese Arts, a poet, antique and gold coin enthusiast, and obsessive gourmand. Mr. Ming’s prestigious family hails back to the Jin dynasty, and his respect for tradition is showcased in a range of abstract Chinese artwork and artefacts displayed throughout the restaurant, from his coins collection to a personal wine cellar featuring rare boutique finds, including both New World and Old World wines featured on the extensive drinks menu that compliment beautifully with Mr.Ming’s refined dishes.

Classic Chiu Chow and Cantonese Dishes

At the heart of Mr.Ming’s renowned family lineage is his grandfather’s book of prized classic ChiuChow and Cantonese dishes — proprietary recipes passed down through generations.

Roast Duck Stuffed with Eight Treasure Sticky Rice
Tea Smoked Duck

Meat lovers will want to savour Mr.Ming’s signature poultry delights, starting off with the Deep Fried Duck with Mashed Taro (HK$180/6 pieces), a crispy, smooth and creamy taro duck paste that melts right in your mouth. Alternatively, opt for the signature Roast Duck Stuffed with Eight Treasure Sticky Rice (HK$328/half, HK$568/full), filled with glutinous rice, red dates, Jinhua ham and many more delicious ingredients, or the equally popular Tea Smoked Duck (HK$328/half, HK$568/full), infused with a sweet sugar cane flavour, both of which adhere to their respective traditional cooking methods

Soyed French Goose Liver.
Deep-Fried Abalone Pastry
Sautéed King Prawns with Fresh Lily & Preserved Olives.
Taro dessert

Other highlights include traditional Chiu Chow marinades such as the Soyed Goose Meat Platter(HK$198) and Soyed French Foie Gras with Egg (HK$168/HK$288), the Xiamen inspired Steamed Whole Crab with Pork Patty & Conpoy (HK$680), a perfectly balanced mixture of fat and thin pork belly patty steamed with crab paste essence, and the prestigious Signature BraisedSupreme Bird’s Nest (HK$560), carefully prepared and boiled in a range of flavourful meats. Those who enjoy soup can also save their stomach for the Double Boiled Pig’s Lung Soup with Almond Juice (HK$268/full, HK$88/person), a broth made with three types of high-quality almonds and other ingredients often seen in traditional Chinese soup, suitable for all-year-round.

Steamed Abalone Siu Mai

Mr.Ming’s bespoke dim sum selection features an innovative take on the beloved Cantonese dining tradition. Tuck into Ming’s Signature Har Gow, Steamed Shrimp Dumpling (HK$62) for a bite of top-quality shrimp wrapped in delicate dumpling skin. For Mr.Ming’s version of Braised Pork Belly Bun (HK$42), the kitchen riffs on the original recipe utilising succulent pork belly inside a soft and fluffy bun, served with preserved vegetables for an acidic pop. Influenced by traditional Northern China handcrafts, the Deep-fried Abalone Pastry (HK$52)is offered in portions of 2 pieces, all of which are great for sharing. Covering a 4,000 square feet space, Mr.Ming’s welcomes a total of 180 guests at the venue. Private room bookings are available based on a minimum spend starting from HK$4,000.

 Address:113A, 1/F, K11 MUSEA, Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, HK.

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 11am – 10pm.

Telephone Number:(852) 2119 2949

Email:[email protected]