Mourning ritual held for 3 victims of tragic Tuen Mun Road accident


19th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Family and friends paid tribute this morning to the three lives tragically lost in a fatal car crash on Tuen Mun Road yesterday. The devastating accident, which occurred in the early hours of Thursday, involved a Honda Civic that veered out of control and violently collided with roadside infrastructure.

Approximately 20 mourners convened on a hillside near the accident site around 11.30am on Friday to conduct a road ritual, a practice deeply rooted in local customs intended to honour the deceased and provide solace to their spirits. The ceremony included the placement of fruits and offerings, along with a T-shirt belonging to one of the victims, symbolizing their presence and the loss felt by their loved ones.

A Taoist priest led the ceremony, performing rites to summon the souls of the young victims, identified as the 25-year-old driver Mr. Tang, and his passengers, 26-year-old Mr. Chan and 23-year-old Ms. Ng. Participants of the ritual, visibly moved and occasionally tearful, offered incense and prayers, embracing each other in shared grief. The ritual, lasting about an hour, provided a moment of communal mourning and reflection on the transient nature of life.