Mount Kelly School to undergo financial restructuring and to suspend of face-to-face classes until the end of the semester


5th June 2021 – (Hong Kong )Mount Kelly School Hong Kong admitted earlier that it had financial difficulties and continued to lose money, and a new financial team will take over the management. The school issued a notice to parents that after consultation with the Education Bureau, it has decided that from next Monday (7th), the school will suspend face-to-face classes and change the rest of the semester to limited online learning until the start of the new semester on 24th August.

The school stated that it is “a very sad thing” for parents, students, and staff to understand the arrangement in order to get the school back on track in the next school year. Mount Kelly School pointed out that the suspension of face-to-face courses was “for different reasons”, including the reorganisation of the school structure due to the group’s hiring of an accounting firm and a law firm.

The Education Bureau recommended that vaccinated faculty members receive extra leave and the introduction of a new payment system. The school also stated that the June tuition fees paid by students will be carried forward to the next school year, while parents who indicated that their children will not attend the next school year will be refunded.

In response, Mount Kelly confirmed the relevant email, stating that due to the above reasons, the school will also switch to online teaching next week until the end of the semester on 3rd July, and the new school year will start on 24th August, when face-to-face classes will be adopted. The school has notified the Education Bureau of the relevant arrangements, but the bureau has no comments.

In April this year, it was reported that parents had not redeemed the full bond for their children to drop out of school. The staff were also salaries and the Labour Department went to the school to investigate. In addition, the School was sued for a claim for more than HK$1.81 million in arrears by a renovation company. The judge of the High Court ruled that the renovation company won the lawsuit on 3rd June and Mount Kelly School was required to compensate for the arrears.