Mother pursues allegations of child abuse as 3-year-old daughter shows no visible injuries at North Lantau Hospital

North Lantau Hospital

14th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) A 27-year-old woman visited her estranged husband’s residence yesterday (13th) and learned of suspicions that their 3-year-old daughter had been subjected to abuse by her father. Concerned for her child’s well-being, the mother promptly took her to North Lantau Hospital for a medical examination. However, upon evaluation by healthcare professionals, no visible signs of injury were found on the young girl’s body. The mother subsequently reported the incident to the authorities around 7pm.

Following an investigation, law enforcement officials have classified the case as “child abuse or neglect involving a custodial child or minor” and are actively pursuing the father as a suspect. The mother and father had previously divorced and currently reside separately, with joint custody arrangements for their daughter.