Mother of deceased 18-year-old female passenger in Tuen Mun traffic accident breaks down in tears, husband passes away last year after succumbing to cancer

The 18-year-old female teenager who passed away in the accident.

20th November 2022 – (Hong Kong) Police are investigating a fatal traffic accident in Tuen Mun yesterday morning in which an 18-year-old female passenger surnamed Cheung died.  At 11.57 am, a medium goods vehicle (MGV) driven by the victim’s boyfriend, 21-year-old man was travelling along Castle Peak Road – Lam Tei towards Siu Hong. When approaching the Lam Tei Interchange, it reportedly lost control, rammed into the central divider and two traffic signs, then side-turned.

The 18-year-old female passenger was thrown out of the MGV then trapped under the MGV and rescued by firemen. Sustaining multiple injuries, she was certified dead at scene. The 21-year-old driver sustained shoulder and leg injuries and was sent to Tuen Mun Hospital in conscious state. He was arrested for dangerous driving causing death and is being detained for enquiries. Investigation by the Special Investigation Team of Traffic, New Territories North is underway.

When Cheung’s mother was interviewed by media reporters yesterday night, she broke into tears incessantly. She revealed that she and her deceased husband had two daughters and a son. Her husband passed away last year due to cancer and she has not even recovered mentally and now she lost her daughter. The eldest daughter, the deceased was 18 years old this year. She was described as more rebellious than her 16-year-old sister and 13-year-old brother. During her second year in high school, she went to the home of another classmate with others to seek revenge. The mother of the other party notified the school resulting in the deceased and others involved being expelled. The deceased was later transferred to another school but she subsequently lost interest in studying. She drank regularly with friends and would not return home at night. She met the 21-year-old driver, her boyfriend around 2 years ago but they only started to date in the last 2 months but their relationship had been described as stable. The deceased moved into her boyfriend’s home only 2 weeks ago. She even recently signed up for a 3-year manicure and beauty certificate course, it was expected that after completion, she would be able to support herself. The deceased even brought her boyfriend home to meet her mother and the 3 of them went to Tsuen Wan for a meal together.

When the deceased’s mother met the boyfriend for the first time, she asked him about his family and learned that he was taken care of by his father and aunt since he was a child. He works as a truck driver and lives with his 60-year-old father. After they had the meal, they went to a fashion store because the deceased’s mother wanted to buy some clothes. After the deceased’s mother paid for a top, she realised that there was an extra HK$50 banknote in her bag and when she asked her deceased daughter later about it, she told her that it was from her. She didn’t expect that it was the last gift from her daughter.