Moses Chan’s off-key performance on Mainland stage shared online, reportedly earns HK$168,000 for two songs

    Moses Chan

    18th September 2023 – (Jiujiang Town) In recent years, many Hong Kong artists have been seeking opportunities outside of the city to sustain their careers, and taking the stage to sing has become a signature move. Recently, Moses Chan joined the ranks by delivering a rendition of “Flying Times”. A clip of his performance was uploaded to the Douyin platform, where viewers noticed that although Chan put in great effort, he struggled with pitch, even awkwardly laughing after completing a verse. Nevertheless, the audience at the venue remained enthusiastic, applauding and showing their support. However, online netizens were not as forgiving, jokingly suggesting that he transformed “Triumph in the Skies” into a “death flight.”

    As a highly acclaimed actor, Moses Chan has always been regarded as a positive role model in the industry. With his image as a loving husband and father, he has been highly sought after by advertisers and has maintained his position as the top celebrity earner for many years. Recently, Chan attended an event in Jiujiang Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, where he once again took the stage to perform. Netizens revealed that the event was part of a village celebration and was quite grand. There were even reports about Chan’s hefty remuneration, stating that he received HK$168,000 for singing two songs.

    It was reported that he renewed his contract with TVB in 2019 for a staggering HK$30 million, with a guaranteed monthly income even if he doesn’t have any projects, ensuring a six-figure sum in his bank account each month. This makes him the highest-paid artist at TVB.