More than 500 people participate in a sit-in protest at Taipei Main Station, over 20 Hong Kong protesters join in


23rd May 2020 – (Taipei) Some netizens in Taiwan were dissatisfied with the Taiwan Railways Administration’s latest implementation of a ban on sitting on the main lobby floor of the Taipei Main Station. They launched a sit-in protest at the station this afternoon. As of 5 pm, nearly 500 people had participated in the event. During the event, there were Hongkongers who held yellow umbrellas, anti-HK government banners and flags to support the event

Nearly 20 Hong Kong people wearing masks and black clothes were seen at the station, some wearing yellow helmets. Due to COVID-19 epidemic situation, the Taiwan Railway Group had previously banned people from sitting in the lobby of the station to prevent crowds from gathering. However, the measures will be permanently implemented and emphasised that foreign workers must move outdoors if they need to gather, resulting in dissatisfaction amongst the locals. The train station and the police force deployed more than 50 officers to maintain order.