More than 5 HK victims held hostage in black labour camps in Myanmar, escapees shot or body organs removed, HK Immigration and police notified (Updated: 12pm)

She Zhijiang

17th August 2022 – (Naypyidaw) Recently, a large number of Taiwanese have been lured to Cambodia and Myanmar and they were forced to engage in online scams or they were coerced to work through the use of violence or intimidation.

There were rumours that the body organs of victims of those who did not pay redemption sum being removed or bodies being dumped into sea. Local media outlets in Hong Kong have exposed the incident in recent days.

As of today, local news reports in Hong Kong have revealed that at least 5 victims from Hong Kong have been falsely imprisoned by criminal syndicate based at the Thai-Myanmar border. Each of them has to make at least around HK$300,000 and above or pay the sum before they can be released. Many were trapped in the notorious “KK Park area”. A victim who tried to escape was reportedly shot.

The Chinese Embassy in Myanmar said that that it had contacted the Myanmar Ministry of Foreign Affairs for rescue, but the Myanmar authorities could not find the trapped victims. Furthermore, the area where the victims are located has always been controlled by the local ethnic military government. Before and after the military coup in Myanmar, it was difficult for the central government to reach the local area. The Global Anti-Scam Organisation (GASO) also bluntly stated that it was difficult to conduct any rescue operation.

Mae Sot (top) and Myawaddy (bottom) are only separated by a river.

In June this year, a male victim from Hong Kong reportedly went to Mae Sot, a border city in northwestern Thailand, to look for a job. After arriving, he got into a car with a friend and was sent to Myawaddy area, which is only 15 kilometres away from Myanmar. In just a month or two, the male victim was “sold” to different camps.

There were soldiers with guns stationed in each area. He said that he could leave if he pays a ransom, but every time he was resold, the “redemption fee” increases, from the initial US$10,000 (about HK$78,000) to US$30,000 to US$40,000 (Between HK$300,000 and HK$400,000). A “co-worker” was shot when he absconded. The Hong Kong male victim pointed out that there are still hundreds of people in his camp, including many Hong Kong victims.

The Immigration Department and the police confirmed that they have received reports from relevant Hong Kong residents. Since June, a total of 5 Hong Kong residents have lost contact in Myanmar or Thailand.

She Zhijiang, the mastermind of “KK Park area”, holds a Cambodian passport and changed his name to “Tang Kriang Kai”. Through the Hong Kong-registered company YATAI INTERNATIONAL HOLDING GROUP LIMITED, he operates local casinos and other businesses. He was wanted by China and Interpol before being recently arrested in Thailand. The Chinese citizen, She Zhijiang, has been involved in the illegal gambling and lottery business where he has fraud and income large sums of money. While fleeing as a fugitive from the Beijing police since 2012, he has been living in various countries like the Philippines, Myanmar, and Colombia.  He has been a fugitive and uses different names in running his operation. He goes by the name Tang Kriang Kai, Dylan She, She Lunkai, and many others as a precaution against getting caught. One of his victims that was scammed with an enormous sum by the gambling site operated by Zhijiang, has been said to commit suicide as per the report of the Thailand media.  

Through the Hong Kong-registered company YATAI INTERNATIONAL HOLDING GROUP LIMITED, Tang Kriang Kai operates local casinos and other businesses.

The Chinese Gambling Kingpin, She Zhijiang who is in his 40s, was taken into custody on 13th August 2022 by the Bangkok police department after the warrant of the international arrest for the claim of operating an illegal online gambling operation. 

She Zhijiang

After running the illegal gambling and lottery business and exploring large sums of the money from Chinese users, he was on a warrant of arrest from the Chinese police department, and his eight accomplices were caught. He has been a fugitive ever since the incident in 2012. The police have submitted the criminal to the criminal court after a week of arrest. He had been planning his next move to Thailand, but his Visa was cancelled after he was taken into custody on the night of a weekday.  She Zhijiang is estimated to have a net worth of several hundred million dollars in U.S. generated from the gambling operation illegally offline and online in the Southeast Asian countries. In addition, he has invested in the countries like Myanmar and Cambodia after earning his citizenship. His involvement includes the Yatai New City development, estimated at US$14 billion. 

Ben Chan, Legislative Councillor in Hong Kong was deeply shocked over the incident as it involves Hong Kong people. He urged Hong Kong government to do everything it can to support and assist the trapped Hong Kong victims. They can also seek support from the local embassy, ​​Interpol, and even the local country. He said that in fact, there are also Chinese compatriots and others from Hong Kong and Taiwan who can also do their best to rescue the victims.