More than 1,000 protestors gather at Customer Service Centre on Level 4 of New Town Plaza


16th July 2019 – (Hong Kong) Over 200 people gathered at the Customer Service Centre located on 4th floor of New Town Plaza yesterday to demand the mall operator to give a reasonable response as to why police were allowed to enter the premises on last Sunday. Many demanded an answer by 6pm today, failing which they would besiege the Customer Service Centre.

At 8.30pm, over 1,000 protestors turned up at New Town Plaza and some shouted ‘New Town Plaza is shameless!’ and ‘Add Oil! Hong Kongers!’ Many shops were closed at 8pm today to prevent untoward incidents. Meanwhile, the mall management deployed 7 staff to distribute customer complaint forms for the protestors to fill up.

At 8.46pm, the staff at Customer Service Centre were rebuked by protestors causing some of them to leave at around 9pm. Fire Department announced at 9pm that at least 9 people felt unwell in the mall. Ambulance rushed to the scene and sent the unwell staff to hospital.

At around 9.40pm, the the wall at the Customer Service Centre was turned into a Lennon Wall Message Board by protestors.

Lennon Wall created by protestors inside New Town Plaza.

Protestors even left cash to the management for taking their memo pads and pens.