More showers expected from today onwards, low-pressure area in South China Sea may develop into a tropical cyclone


16th august 2022 – (Hong Kong) According to Hong Kong Observatory, an area of low pressure is expected to affect the northern part of the South China Sea today and tomorrow, and bring showers and thunderstorms to the coast of Guangdong. Under the influence of a broad trough of low pressure, there will still be showers over the coast of Guangdong in the middle and latter parts of this week. With the anticyclone aloft strengthening early next week, the weather will improve over southern China.

Meanwhile, there will be sunny intervals and a few showers today. There will be more showers with isolated thunderstorms later.  There will be occasional showers and thunderstorms on Wednesday and still a few showers on Thursday.

The Observatory pointed out that it is still unknown whether the low-pressure area will eventually develop into a tropical cyclone, but according to experience: “If the southwesterly airflow in the South China Sea is strengthened, the low-pressure area still has a chance to develop further.” The Observatory emphasised that it will closely follow the development and carefully analyse for signs of tropical cyclone formation.

Although there are variables in the ground predictions, the Observatory pointed out that the high-altitude circulation forecasts of the disturbance by major global computer models are quite consistent, and there will be a similar cyclonic circulation from Tuesday to Wednesday (17th), from east to west across the northern part of the South China Sea , near the coast of Guangdong. Therefore, regardless of whether or not a tropical cyclone is formed in the end, the coast of Guangdong will be affected by the relevant rainbands from Tuesday, and the showers in Hong Kong will increase.

Source: Hong Kong Observatory