Mongrel dog “Evie” goes missing and presumed lost at sea after startling incident in Causeway Bay


17th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) A one-year-old light brown mongrel dog named “Evie” went missing under the care of its owner’s girlfriend in Causeway Bay. The owner had recently travelled to the United Kingdom, entrusting the dog’s well-being to his girlfriend. Around 10pm yesterday evening (16th), the girlfriend took “Evie” for a walk, with the dog securely leashed. However, when they reached Wun Sha Street in Tai Hang, the leash somehow became loose, leading to the dog’s disappearance. The girlfriend immediately began searching for “Evie” and contacted several friends for assistance. She also reached out to the online community through social media seeking help.

In the early hours of today (17th), the search party eventually located “Evie” near the promenade in Causeway Bay. However, the dog was in a state of extreme agitation, making it impossible to capture. “Evie” dashed towards the nearby Typhoon Shelter and leapt into the sea, vanishing from sight. Distressed, the girlfriend promptly reported the incident to the authorities. The fire department arrived at the scene and dispatched a small boat with two women on board to search along the shore. One of the women, emotionally overwhelmed by the situation, needed consolation from her friends.

Around 3am, the fire department’s divers entered the water for the search. However, due to the murky conditions, the underwater visibility was limited to only one meter. After approximately 20 minutes, the divers returned to the surface. Despite nearly 2.5 hours of searching, the fire department was unable to locate any sign of “Evie.” Subsequently, they concluded the operation and left the scene. It is understood that the owner of “Evie” had already arranged to return to Hong Kong today, and the girlfriend will brief him on the incident.