Missing 23-year-old female yoga instructor found dead in room at Ritz Carlton Hotel, ex-boyfriend arrested for murder


1st July 2022 – (Hong Kong)  Aqua Chow Wai-yin, a 23-year-old female yoga instructor, was originally scheduled to take a flight to the United States for further studies in the early morning of yesterday but she lost contact with her family last night. Her family found that she did not board the plane to the United States and left her luggage at home. 

In the early morning of today, it was reported that Chow was found dead at the Ritz Carlton Hotel on Austin Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, and a large number of police officers blocked the scene for investigation. It is understood that Chow’s ex-boyfriend surnamed Lo (28 years old) turned himself in at the Wong Tai Sin Police Station with a lawyer last night and handed over a key card belonging to Ritz Carlton hotel room in Tsim Sha Tsui.

The police arrived at the hotel and found the victim’s body in the room. The case was classified as murder and was handed over to Yau Tsim District Crime Squad for follow-up. Chow was about 1.65 meters tall had long dark brown hair. Her friend said that she lost contact with Chow after she assisted with packing her luggage and left at her home at Seaside Sonata, Sham Shui Po, at around 4.30pm two days ago.

The police arrived at the hotel to investigate and found blood stains in the room. Officers found that the water in the bathtub stained with blood and the victim was wrapped in a towel in the water. There were stab wounds on her body. After investigation, the police classified the case as murder and handed it over to the Yau Tsim District Crime Squad for follow-up.

Chow who was about 1.65m tall had long dark brown hair. Her friend said that she lost contact that night after she assisted with packing and left her home at Seaside Sonata in Sham Shui Po at around 4.30pm two days ago. After finding out that she hadn’t boarded the plane yesterday morning, she went to her apartment with Chow’s mother in the early morning to find her and found that her luggage was still at home.

After checking the CCTV footage in the building, it was found that she left the building with her suspected ex-boyfriend at 4.40pm two days ago before disappearing.

According to social media post, Chow was last seen with a man known as Alex Lo who allegedly owed debts, drives an Aston Martin car and lives in Hong Nga Court in Lam Tin.

Alex Lo

In 2018, a 42-year-old South Korean man has been arrested after his 42 year old wife and six year old son were found dead in their hotel room at Ritz Carlton Hotel. The suspect was the CEO of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in South Korea, and apparently he called a friend that morning to tell him that his family was going to commit suicide because he had “failed in business.” The suspect was subsequently found dead with a knotted bedsheet around his neck in a Hong Kong prison while awaiting trial for the murders of his wife and son.