Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2024 kicks off with promising contestants


    17th June 2024 – (Hong Kong) The highly anticipated Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2024 commenced today at the TVB City, marking the first round of interviews for the contestants. Following their meetings with TVB executives, 103 participants made their public debut and met with the media. Among them were numerous recent graduates of the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (DSE), including 18-year-old Jessie Chan and 19-year-old Wan Ching, who is juggling her studies with preparations for next year’s DSE. As the contestants arrived at the entrance of TVB City, they excitedly exclaimed, “We are of age now!” One standout contestant, Liu Songni, also successfully passed the initial screening and, when asked about her age, humorously replied that she is 18. When questioned about her mother’s approval, she happily declared, “My mom is very supportive!”

    In the afternoon, the aspiring contestants completed their interviews with the judging panel and gradually emerged to meet the press. On-site observations revealed a stunning array of contestants. with many showcasing their alluring figures, celebrity-like appearances, and stylish outfits that caught everyone’s attention.

    According to TVB, over a hundred contestants participated in the first round of interviews, with approximately half of them hailing from Mainland China. These contestants represent various provinces and cities such as Guangdong, Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, Shanxi, Guizhou, Henan, and more. Additionally, a significant number of contestants have returned from overseas to compete, including countries like the United Kingdom and Canada. Notably, there is also a 17-year-old contestant, Aisha of Chinese-American heritage, radiating with youthful enthusiasm and charm.

    Picture source: TVB