Miss Hong Kong 2023 winner Hilary Chong faces isolation, 2nd runner-up Lovelle Wang distances herself

    HIlary Chong

    20th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong’s 2023 Miss Hong Kong pageant winner, Hilary Chong, has faced persistent rumors of being a “two-faced” individual, making her the most unpopular contestant among her peers. The tension escalated during the filming of an overseas segment in Vietnam, where Chong reportedly had a heated argument with fellow contestant Cindy Chan, who did not make it to the final round. The dispute led to both contestants unfollowing each other on social media, resulting in a complete rupture of their relationship. Adding fuel to the fire, an alleged TVB staff member disclosed that Chong deliberately avoided Chan during the rehearsals for the TVB Anniversary Gala Show, further isolating herself. Even Lovelle Wang, the 2nd runner-up allegedly ignored Chong, treating her as invisible.

    In response to these reports, Chong, while attending the anniversary event, denied any conflicts with other contestants, stating that she gets along well with all of them. Regarding Wang’s exclusion of her in the photo, Chong explained that since she wasn’t involved in the dance routine, they didn’t take a group photo together. She emphasised that her relationship with Wang is good, and they have conversations whenever they meet. Chong also mentioned that she had a ride home with Kevin Tang. When asked about her relationship with Wang, she confirmed that they greeted each other when they met earlier.

    As the host of the TVB Anniversary Gala Show this year, Chong expressed feeling nervous and she also mentioned receiving guidance from senior colleagues like Crystal Fung, who advised her to speak slowly. Being a newcomer, Chong made sure to memorise her lines thoroughly.