Miss Hong Kong 2023 contestants attend first round of interviews at TVB City

    Cecilia (left) and Michelle (right)

    10th June 2023 – (Hong Kong) Today, the first round of interviews for the Miss Hong Kong 2023 pageant was held, with a group of selected contestants arriving at the TVB City in Tseung Kwan O for their interviews. The event drew attention from media outlets, with many reporters present to capture the moment. The contestants arrived in style, with some even dressed in evening gowns. One contestant, Cecilia, stood out with her bright red gown and a Hermès Kelly bag, which is valued at over HK$80,000, indicating that she comes from a well-off family.

    Based on visual observation, there appeared to be fewer contestants this year, with the number estimated to be less than 100. The Miss Hong Kong pageant has always been a popular and highly anticipated event in Hong Kong, with many young women hoping to win the title, which can bring fame and opportunities for them in the entertainment industry.

    TVB, the organiser of the Miss Hong Kong pageant, arranged for the contestants to take part in media interviews outside the TVB City entrance. One of the contestants, Michelle, aged 24, was nominated by former Miss Hong Kong champion Juliette Louie. Michelle has more than ten thousand followers on her social media platform and is considered a mini internet celebrity. Her photos show that she has also participated in beauty pageants in Singapore and has won awards in those competitions. She has also posted some provocative and sexy photos on social media.


    This year’s Miss Hong Kong contestants are average in terms of quality, without many standout beauties, except for a “Fan Bingbing lookalike” who appeared earlier. However, a woman who resembles the Korean singer IU (Lee Ji Eun) has emerged!

    Chuang, 21 years old, is studying nutrition in Hong Kong, just like actress Crystal Fung. From her appearance, she already has the look of a potential champion. CHuang social media accounts are filled with attractive photos that showcase her innocent and sweet image, which resembles the Korean singer IU (Lee Ji Eun).


    The Miss Hong Kong pageant has a long history and is considered a prestigious event in the local entertainment industry. Over the years, many past winners have gone on to achieve success in their careers, such as acting, hosting, and singing. The competition is not just about beauty; it also tests the contestants’ intelligence, talent, and personality, making it a challenging and comprehensive event.