Miss Hong Kong 2022 Denice Lam shows her modest 200-300sqf home on TV

    Denise Lam at home

    1st October 2022 – (Hong Kong) The host of TVB programme ‘Scoop’ visited Miss Hong Kong 2022 Denice Lam‘s home while she celebrated her victory at home with friends. Her mother was not present. Lam’s apartment unit is about 200 to 300 square feet. The living room has a sofa for two people, a large TV and a bookcase. Next to the living room is Lam’s bedroom, which has a double bed, but as seen from the clip, the double bed seems to occupy most of the space. Lam who lives alone leads a simple life.

    Screenshot from TVB Scoop programme showing Denice Lam’s home.

    Denice Lam is the daughter of Wilson Lam, a TVB heartthrob who became popular in the 1980s and 1990s. The 61-year-old Wilson Lam has set up a film and television production company in the Mainland in recent years before making his comeback a few years ago. 

    After Wilson Lam left the entertainment industry subsequently, he married his mixed-race girlfriend and started investing in a new business. Unfortunately, he encountered a financial crisis and lost tens of millions of Hong Kong dollars. His wife also left him with her daughter Denise Lam who was only around 15 months year old at the time. He later remarried his second wife, Winnie, but soon after the marriage, he experienced financial crisis again and went bankrupt. His second wife and son also left him to marry someone else. Wilson Lam only met his daughter, Denice again when she was 7 years old but they lost contact afterwards. He then decided to search for his again about 10 years ago on Facebook and the two successfully reunited.

    Although Lam often has to work in both China and Hong Kong, he also finds time to meet her regularly. Both of them still maintain close contact. Lam who has been back in filming since 2013, joined Shaw Brothers in 2017. He has also been active on social media in recent years.