Miss Hong Kong 1st runner-up Lynn Wang returns stealthily to luxury residence to evade prying eyes after attending event

    Lynn Wang

    22nd September 2023 – (Hong Kong) Lynn Wang, the 1st runner-up and winner of the “Miss Photogenic” title in this year’s Miss Hong Kong pageant, finds herself entangled in controversies following the closure of her parents’ tutoring centre in mainland China. It has been alleged that her parents owe millions of dollars to creditors, leading Lynn to be pursued by a group of disgruntled debtors. Furthermore, reports have emerged revealing that she resides in a luxurious apartment with a monthly rent of HK$30,000.

    Recently, after attending an event, Lynn was seen waiting on the roadside with her fellow contestants Hilary Chong and Lovelle Wang for their company car. During this time, she appeared reluctant to engage in conversations with others, only occasionally responding to questions from the surrounding publicists. Throughout the encounter, Lynn wore a worried expression, and her overall appearance was notably more subdued compared to her time as a pageant contestant.

    It seems that Lynn has maintained a distant relationship with her fellow contestants, as there appears to be little interaction or communication among them. She prefers to keep a low profile and discreetly leaves the scene after her car arrives.

    On this particular occasion, Lynn instructed her driver to stop near a luxury residence. She displayed caution throughout the journey, constantly looking behind her and instinctively lowering her head when she noticed someone nearby. It was only after entering the building that she seemed to let out a sigh of relief. Sources suggest that ever since the debt collection incidents, Lynn rarely ventures out alone unless it is for official company activities. She also avoids participating in private gatherings with the other contestants, fearing any potential controversies that may arise.