MIRROR’s member Keung To bombarded by Mainland netizens for his dismay performance during recent music awards ceremony


    28th January 2023 – (Hong Kong) Popular boyband MIRROR’s key member Keung To’s dismay performance at this year’s “The Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation 2022″ has aroused many discussions among netizens. Many polarised comments were found online on his performance on YouTube Channel, the number of DISLIKEs far exceeded that of LIKEs. Many criticised him for not singing as well as before and Keung To also stunned fans with his obese body after recovering from a recent injury.

    However, the video was suddenly uploaded by netizens on the mainland website BiliBili and received nearly 100,000 hits. His performance dumbfolded many Mainland netizens who said “I never thought that MIRROR would become popular in Lo Wu in such a way”, “Fat Tiger actually came on stage to sing”, “Is he trying to breaking hell?” (Breaking hell is a Taoist ritual for transcending the ancestors, and “breaking hell” literally means leading the ancestors out from hell), “It’s really embarrassing!” Some commented that it is hard to believe that Keung To is the most popular star in Hong Kong and exclaimed that current state of the Hong Kong music scene is quite “complicated”. Although there are singers such as Terence Lam, MC Cheung and Mike Tsang but they are still not as popular as Keung To.

    Keung To’s dismay performance at this year’s “The Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation 2022″.