MIRROR’s Keung To faces mixed response to new music video as views continue to lag behind previous hits

    Keung To (left) and Tammy (right).

    7th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) Keung To, the popular member of the boy band MIRROR, has been known for his ability to generate high view counts with his music videos. Over his five-year career, he has released a total of 13 singles. With the support of over one million dedicated fans, also known as “Keung To Fans,” his first song of the year, “DUMMY,” achieved an impressive feat by surpassing 1.2 million views in just 15 hours. The song went on to accumulate over 7.45 million views in six months. However, his latest release, the highly anticipated new song “The Irregulars,” has struggled to gain traction, accumulating only 1.08 million views after being available for nine days.

    Speculation has arisen that the lower view count and perceived soft response may be due to the presence of Keung To and his rumoured Taiwanese girlfriend, Tammy Lin, engaging in affectionate behaviour in the music video. Fans have expressed their discontent, with some even threatening to halt their voting support for Keung To in the “My Favorite Male Singer” competition. Instead, they plan to redirect their votes towards their cherished artist, Hins Cheung. Nevertheless, there are still dedicated fans who are willing to show their support by investing in advertising materials, such as transforming the MTR Causeway Bay station into a “Road of Irregulars,” along with large billboards and tram advertisements.

    In other news, readers have raised concerns regarding the ticket refund process for the MIRROR concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum, which was abruptly cancelled last year due to a screen collapse incident. According to reports, the refund procedure has taken six months to complete, involving multiple online registrations, physical ticket returns, form submissions, and the need to collect cash refunds from designated bank counters. This has led some readers to question whether the organisers are intentionally making the refund process difficult for ticket holders.