MIRROR’s 5-year contract with ViuTV to expire next year, members rumoured to leave the group to pursue own interests


    3rd August 2022 – (Hong Kong) The popular boy group MIRROR had a tragic accident during their concert in Hong Kong Coliseum last Thursday (28th). The boyfriend of the girl group COLLAR member So Ching, dancers Lee Kai-yin (Mo) and Chang Tsz-fung were urgently sent to the hospital. Mo is currently staying in the intensive care unit of Queen Elizabeth Hospital in critical condition, and Chang has also been transferred to a different hospital for further treatment.

    On 1st August, MIRROR’s leader Lokman reported on other members’ behalf and told fans not to worry about them, but according to rumours, some MIRROR members will leave the group next year.

    In 2018, when the 12 members formed MIRROR, they only signed a 5-year contract with ViuTV. The contract will expire next year. This major accident has left an indelible shadow among the members. Some members will consider leaving the group to pursue their own interests.

    However, there is also news that MIRROR signed a 5-year death contract with ViuTV and MakerVille at that time, but there is still a 5-year option to extend with a total contract period of 10 years. The management company, MakerVille still has the priority to renew the contract, which means that MakerVille has the right to decide. Therefore, there are still some variables.