MIRROR members Keung To and Jeremy Lau will not attend “Mama’s Affair” movie premiere tomorrow


    9th August 2022 – (Hong Kong) 2 dancers were severely injured during the MIRROR concert on the 28th of last month. Among them, the dancer Li Kai-yin (Mo) is still in the intensive care unit. Since the accident, MIRROR’s work has been completely suspended for at least the next 2 months. In addition to their withdrawal from the “SUMMER SONIC 2022” music festival scheduled to be held in Tokyo on the 20th of this month, two members, Keung To, Jeremy “Jer” Lau Ying Ting who starred in the local movie, “Mama’s Affair” will not attend the premiere tomorrow (10th). The  Emperor Motion Pictures has excluded the two members in the guest list, and it has been confirmed that the two will not show up.