‘MIRROR’ member, Keung To makes surprise appearance in Causeway Bay to great hundreds of fans in celebration of his birthday

    Keung To appeared at Causeway Bay at 10.40pm today.

    30th April 2022 – (Hong Kong) Keung To, one of the core members of the local popular boyband ‘MIRROR’ made a sudden appearance in Causeway Bay at around 10.40pm today to thank his fans for celebrating his birthday for him. Clad in a black hoodie, he got off his 7-seater vehicle near Sogo in Causeway Bay. He was escorted by his assistants and he took pictures and sang birthday song with his fans. Hundreds of fans were taken by surprise as the entire ordeal took only around more than 2 minutes. To later left with his assistants in his 7-seater vehicle.

    Today is the 23rd birthday of Keung To. In conjunction with To’s birthday celebration, Keung To’s “fans” and “Keung To KF Fan Club” sponsored free tram rides for the public.

    Video credit: VIU TV