MIRROR member Keung To draws hundreds of fans as he attends radio interview, faints briefly before leaving

    Keung To

    18th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) MIRROR member Keung To caused a frenzy today (18th) as he arrived at a local radio station to participate in an interview, attracting hundreds of eager fans who crowded the entrance in anticipation of catching a glimpse of their idol. Reports indicate that some fans had arrived as early as 6am to secure prime spots, and by 9am, the area outside the station was already packed with enthusiastic supporters.

    In the early afternoon, Keung To arrived at the radio station in a seven-seater car, triggering a wave of excitement among his devoted fans. Despite the constant screams and cheers from the crowd, the vehicle did not park at the main entrance but proceeded to the parking lot at the back. Fans even managed to surge into the premises, requiring the intervention of staff to maintain order.

    Following the completion of the interview around 2pm, Keung To bid farewell to his fans from behind the iron bars, expressing his gratitude and bowing to show his appreciation for their support. While posing for photographs at a distance for the media, Keung To appeared to be experiencing some discomfort, exhibiting an unsteady gait. As he boarded the vehicle, he even momentarily fainted, requiring assistance to get into the car. Shortly thereafter, he departed in the seven-seater vehicle without granting any further interviews.