MIRROR member Keung To continues to face online mockery over weight, netizens say he is unfit to be a star


    25th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) In recent social media discussions, netizens have been targeting Keung To, a member of the popular band MIRROR, for his weight, claiming that his obese body shape makes him unfit for stardom. The comments flooded in when a picture of a younger Keung To was shared on Facebook, igniting a debate among online users.

    Several netizens expressed their disapproval of Keung To’s appearance, with one user, commenting, “He used to be fat, and now he’s even fatter. It’s even more challenging for him to maintain his image.” Another user, added, “Keung To used to have a handsome face, but now he’s as fat as a pig.”

    The criticism of Keung To’s weight has escalated to the point where some netizens have made extreme comments questioning his character and even suggesting harm to his family. This prompted numerous media outlets, influencers, and even Keung To’s supporters to inquire about the situation, raising concerns about the impact of negative news on his public image.

    Keung To’s weight controversy has sparked comparisons to famous figures. Charles Tsang humorously observed, “His appearance is reminiscent of a certain Communist leader from another country.” Despite the criticisms, Keung To continues to have a dedicated fan base, particularly among female admirers who passionately defend his image.

    The pressure and scrutiny faced by celebrities like Keung To are not new phenomena. Chapman To, a controversial Hong Kong actor, shared his own experience and advised Keung To to take a break from the limelight to reflect on his life and relieve the pressures of fame. By doing so, it is believed that Keung To could come back stronger and better prepared for a long and successful career.