MIRROR member Anson Lo responds to ‘makeup debate’

    Anson Lo

    19th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) Anson Lo, a prominent member of the popular boy band MIRROR, recently sparked curiosity among fans when he took to social media to express his emotions through a series of story posts. It is speculated that his posts were a subtle response to a female host’s discussion about Japanese host clubs and their use of heavy makeup on a recent radio program. During the discussion, a DJ mentioned that the Japanese hosts wear more makeup than Anson Lo, to which the female host responded, “More makeup than Anson Lo?” This remark left the other hosts momentarily speechless, but someone later lightened the atmosphere by saying, “More makeup than many others.”

    Anson Lo’s consecutive Instagram stories strongly hinted at a response to the “makeup debate.” He shared two personal works, titled “ON” and “MY LIFE,” along with captions that conveyed the message of staying true to oneself. One caption read, “Don’t tell me who I am. I’ll show you who I am,” while another stated, “I’ll live my life.” Furthermore, he posted a video showcasing his makeup bag and products, all containing the phrase “make up.” Additionally, he altered a quote from his mother, which previously said, “They keep talking, you keep walking,” to “She keep talking.” This modification suggests that regardless of what others say, one should stay true to oneself and have a clear conscience. Internet users quickly connected the dots and understood the intended message.

    In a confident and candid manner, Anson Lo shared a video featuring his extensive makeup collection, introducing each item one by one. Speaking in English, he said, “Tomorrow night, I will grace the stage with a stunning look, and I feel no shame about it. Yes, it’s perfectly reasonable because I am doing what I love.” He emphasised that negative individuals often belittle those they dislike, perhaps by focusing on makeup. In contrast, positive-minded individuals prefer to concentrate on personal growth and continuously strive to become better. Ultimately, no one has the time to care about people they dislike, let alone criticise their makeup choices. After all, it’s just makeup. Two days ago, it appears that Anson Lo’s frustration has not subsided. In a rare move, he continued to counter the criticism by uploading several work photos showcasing a natural makeup look. He also continued to share images of makeup products.