MIRROR fans upset over potential ticket scalping as exclusive ‘MIRO Party’ tickets priced at HK$1,680


    28th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) Popular boy band MIRROR is set to hold a highly anticipated concert at AsiaWorld-Expo early next year. Celebrating their 5th anniversary since debut, the group has announced that they will be taking over a theme park to hold ‘MIRO Party’ for a full day of festivities with their fans at a ticket price of HK$1,680 each. However, the decision to kick off the celebrations with a theme park performance has drawn criticism from some die-hard fans, who argue that the event will result in inflated ticket prices.

    To commemorate their 5th anniversary, MIRROR has planned a series of exciting events. After recently disclosing their trip to Australia for a variety show, the group’s official website revealed yesterday (27th) that they will be hosting a special party exclusively for their fans, at a theme park on 1st November. The event is expected to accommodate approximately 12,000 people and will feature the 12 members of MIRROR interacting with fans for over 8 hours. The festivities will include a parade, a mini concert held in a castle, interactive games, and photo opportunities with the band members. The announcement generated a significant response, with many fans expressing enthusiasm. However, there were also fans who expressed their discontent.

    Some fans voiced their excitement about the unique opportunity to spend an extended period of time with their beloved idols. The prospect of participating in games and completing missions alongside the members of MIRROR left fans buzzing with anticipation. The party promises to be a memorable experience for those fortunate enough to attend.

    On the other hand, there were fans who raised concerns about the potential for ticket price hikes. They criticised the decision to hold the concert at a theme park, arguing that it would inevitably lead to inflated prices and limited accessibility. These fans expressed frustration at the idea of having to pay exorbitant amounts to attend the anniversary concert, feeling that it was an unnecessary burden placed upon them.