MIRROR fans sign petition to urge organisers to allow ticket exchange instead of offering blanket refund for cancelled concert


    14th August 2022 – (Hong Kong) The popular group MIRROR concert held at the Hong Kong Coliseum on 28th July was suspended after a tragic incident resulting in 2 dancers being severely injured.

    A few days ago, the organisers MakerVille and Music Nation Group stated that they would announce the refund arrangement for the affected shows next week. Mirror fans issued an open letter last night (13th), expressing that they did not understand why the organisers insisted on refunding the tickets, and admitted that the fans’ original intention was to hope that the concert could resume after the accident was properly handled. Some fans even bought tickets at high prices and they questioned the unfairness of refunds. They urged MakerVille to handle the incident carefully, rather than unilaterally announce a single handling method.”

    At the same time, some Mirror fans initiated the “Mirror concert ticket exchange – no refund” joint petition, asking the organisers to give the audience the freedom to choose to refund the ticket or wait for the next concert to be held. As of 4pm today (14th), more than 5,600 people have signed the petition.

    Meanwhile, Mirror member Keung To forwarded an online post from a friend, calling on everyone to help find a missing elderly person.