MIRROR debuts new English song ‘Rumours’ while Keung To releases his first solo single


    17th March 2023 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong’s thriving music scene has witnessed the launch of Mirror’s first-ever English song, “Rumours,” in a bid to appeal to a global audience at 9pm this evening. Within the first 30 minutes of launch, the music video on Youtube has garnered around 27,000 views. The 12-member boy band has played a significant role in the revival of the local pop music industry, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic and the city’s political turmoil over the last three years. Their previous Cantonese hits have generated a new generation of fans who have found solace in their music during these uncertain times.

    In a recent interview with The Associated Press, Mirror’s members revealed that their latest single differs significantly from their previous work, boasting a more “sexy” and “sensual” vibe, accompanied by wavy dance moves. According to Ian Chan, Mirror’s new track highlights the group’s maturity as they transition from conveying an image of “a bunch of kids” to showcasing their more grown-up and masculine side.

    Mirror’s global debut is not just a test of their popularity beyond Hong Kong, a market with a population of seven million. It is also a litmus test for Hong Kong’s singers, who used to dominate Asian showbiz but have recently lost ground. The band’s overseas reception will indicate whether Hong Kong artists can regain their lost fame in the region.

    In a concurrent event this evening, Keung To, a prominent member of the group, launched his new solo song in Cantonese, paying tribute to the late Leslie Cheung, a legendary star in the entertainment industry. Keung To’s cover song of Leslie Cheung’s classic hit “Chase” showcases his outstanding vocal abilities and artistic versatility.

    This release marks the third wave of new singles from the group’s members, following Anson Lo’s “Affair” and Mirror’s other popular member, Keung To’s reinterpretation of Cheung’s classic song. To’s fans have eagerly anticipated the solo release this evening. Within the first 30 minutes of launch, the music video on Youtube has garnered around 18,000 views.

    Keung To’s new song is a testament to his devotion to music and his desire to create a unique and meaningful piece of art. The track is a touching homage to the late Leslie Cheung, who continues to inspire and influence generations of musicians.

    Keung To