MIRROR dancer achieves normal BMI 84 weeks post-accident, laser surgery dissolves bladder stones successfully

Mo Li Kai-yin

3rd March 2024 – (Hong Kong) Mo Li Kai-yin, a dancer injured during a MIRROR concert, has reached a significant milestone in his recovery journey. According to the latest communique shared by Shirley Loo, General Secretary of the Family Development Foundation, Ah Mo has undergone his first weigh-in since the accident, 84 weeks ago, revealing a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI).

The update came through the 84th prayer letter, which has been a regular source of information for concerned fans and followers. The physical assessment was conducted using a specialised electronic wheelchair scale, designed to accommodate Ah Mo’s current mobility needs.

The road to recovery has been a complex one for Ah Mo, but the recent weigh-in has provided a moment of relief and positivity. Reverend Derek Li Shing-lam, Ah Mo’s father, detailed the process in the prayer letter, expressing gratitude for the smooth procedure that confirmed his son’s BMI is within a normal range.

Additionally, Ah Mo has undergone successful laser surgery to fragment and remove bladder stones, a necessary step forward in his medical journey. However, the recovery process still requires him to have a catheter in place until his urine is clear enough to ensure it is safe to remove.

The pursuit of innovative medical treatments has been met with a series of administrative procedures. Reverend Li remains hopeful that these new treatments, closely considered by medical experts who have shown a profound concern for Ah Mo’s case, will significantly aid in his rehabilitation.

The dedication of Ah Mo to maintain his physical condition has been a source of comfort for his family and supporters. The expectation is that his bodily functions will continue to stabilise, preparing him to embrace these new treatment options.