MIRROR boyband member Keung To faces continuous criticism for weight gain and similarity to Japanese AV male actor

    Insert picture: Keung To

    3rd December 2023 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong boyband MIRROR’s popular member, Keung To, has been facing criticism for his recent weight gain, resulting in a rapid decline in his online popularity. Earlier, netizens noticed Keung To’s resemblance to a Japanese AV porn star, which sparked amusement among internet users.

    Recently, a netizen on a discussion forum claimed to have discovered another AV male actor who bears a striking resemblance to the obese version of Keung To. The male actor shares similar hair colour, hairstyle, and facial features with Keung To, and both have a full-bodied physique. This male actor has previously appeared in one of the works of popular AV actress Yui Hatano. Internet users jokingly referred to them as “Japanese twin brothers,” expressing their support for using artistic works to convey messages and even expressing envy towards Keung To, suggesting that being a Hong Kong celebrity would allow him to participate in Japanese porn movies.

    Keung To was spotted jogging recently.