“MIRROR apologises to Singapore singer JJ Lin” trends on Weibo, Mainland netizens mock the group for cheap publicity stunt

    MIRROR members at central harbourfront event space. Insert Picture: JJ Lin.

    23rd March 2023 – (Hong Kong) Singaporean singer JJ Lin recently performed at Central Harbourfront Event Space, but on the third day of the concert (19th), a controversy erupted when MIRROR member Ian was supposed to be his guest, but JJ rejected him due to a misunderstanding between the two parties.

    According to reports, Ian had arrived at the venue for rehearsal, but JJ assumed that all members of MIRROR would be on stage, not just Ian. Some felt that only having Ian was not enough to support the show, and it was suggested that the other members of MIRROR who were there to support Ian could also perform as backup dancers for Ian and JJ. However, when Ian heard this suggestion, he felt disrespected and left the scene with his teammates after obtaining the company’s permission. Stanley Yau, another member of MIRROR, later uploaded a photo of them at the concert venue, seemingly as a commemoration of the event.

    After the incident, Yau clarified the situation in an Instagram story. However, the topic of “MIRROR apologising to JJ Lin” trended on Weibo, with many netizens in mainland China believing that MIRROR’s behaviour was merely a publicity stunt for attention, saying that they are only popular in Hong Kong.

    In his Instagram story, Stanley clarified that some things had been misunderstood and that he had no intention of disrespecting anyone. He also apologised for the misunderstanding caused by his previous post. Stanley expressed that it would be an honour for MIRROR to perform alongside JJ Lin, and that they had missed the opportunity due to a communication error.

    Stanley openly acknowledged that MIRROR has recently been beset by a series of unfortunate events, saying, “Unfortunately, it seems that misfortunes keep happening around us. This is the meaning behind this post. We’re making fun of ourselves for why misfortune keeps happening to us.”