Minor feud festers into horrific blood bath in Mongkok

Picture credit : Apple Daily

At 6pm just now, a middle-aged man in green attire who was pushing a trolley amidst the crowd on Dundas Street, Mongkok hit a dog stroller by accident. Feeling insulted, the owner of the dog stroller, a youth in black top started to provoke the middle-aged man by demanding an apology. The verbal feud between them eventually turned into a physical fight. The youth was seen giving the middle-aged man multiple blows on his head, face and legs while swearing incessantly at him.

The man in black could be seen hitting and swearing at the middle-aged man.

Meanwhile, a short guy unexpectedly appeared to offer help to the middle-aged man who suffered minor wounds. The short guy together with his four friends decided to teach the youth in black a lesson by bashing him hard. The youth failed to defend himself and sustained head injuries. Police arrived later at the scene and sent the injured youth in black to the hospital.

Bystanders who witnessed the entire ordeal just couldn’t believe that a minor incident like this could turn into a horrific tragedy.

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