Minibus collides with private on Cheong Wan Road in Hung Hom, 14 injuries reported including one elderly woman trapped between seats, driver arrested (Updated: 9am)


8th December 2022 – (Hong Kong) At around midnight today, a No.8 minibus heading towards Ho Man Tin collided with a private car at No. 8, Cheong Wan Road, Hung Hom.

According to sources, an elderly woman on the minibus was trapped between the seats. At least 14 people were reported injured and a large number of firefighters and ambulances arrived at the scene for rescue. They were sent to hospital for treatment successively.

After the accident, the fronts of the two vehicles were severely damaged. The driver of the minibus surnamed Chung (64 years old) felt pain in his feet, and 4 men and 9 women (aged 20 to 70) on board were injured. The elderly woman was caught between the seats and couldn't move. Some passengers injured their heads and faces.

A number of firefighters and ambulances arrived at the scene one after another, initially bandaged the 14 injured, and sent them to the hospital for treatment. The male driver of the private car  (23 years old) also felt pain in his hand. It is reported that he had obtained his driver's licence for about two years. According to the sources at the scene, the car driver apologised to the minibus driver during the conversation, saying that "I lost control of the car." After investigation, the police arrested him on suspicion of "dangerous driving" and detained him for investigation. It is understood that the 19-seat special line minibus that was involved in the accident was the last service, and it was carrying 6 men and 9 women (aged 19 to 70) at the time of the incident.